10A-B Kallipoleos Avenue, Nicosia 1055, Cyprus   TEL: 22 759072 MOB: 97 876201 MOB: 99 614016


Bodikian Textiles is your One Stop Shop for all your textile fabric requirements. In our store you will find any type of textile fabric in high quality and innovative design imaginable for your dressmaking project. Our qualities include, bridal, lace, beaded, embroidery, satin, silk, prints, tulle, lycra, jersey, woolens, tartan, suiting, coating, boucle, cotton, linen, linings. Brands in stock include Linton Tweed, Tissage Des Chaumes, Solstiss Lace, Marco Lagattolla, Dormeuil. We rely on good customer service, and are confident on the high quality fabrics we offer.


We are a family business on Textile Fabrics in Nicosia Cyprus established since 1949 by our grandfather. The business was passed to out father. Today we own a store on one of the most well known streets of Nicosia , No 10A-B Kalipoleos Avenue, Nicosia 1055 and 2 warehouses. We are vendor for retail and small scale wholesale, of all types of fabrics, textiles for making garments.

grey lace
ivory tulle


Mon-Fri: 9.30am-7pm
Sat: 9.30am-2pm