Satin Fabric

Satin is a general word describing a fabric that has a shiny or glossy surface and a dull back.
There are different types of satin fabric.
The success of your project depends in carefully choosing the appropriate quality suitable for the design of your garment.

At Bodikian Textiles we stock high quality satin fabrics in a vast range of colors.
Qualities are listed and explained below as we attempt to help you choose the appropriate satin for your project.

A major factor contributing to the behavior of the fabric is the composition or fibers .
In general, fibers used are silk, polyester, acetate, viscose, wool. Any of these fibers nowadays are combined with spandex, Lycra or Elastine to give the satin elasticity and stretch for more snug and tight fitting garments.

Satin comes in a variety of thickness, weight, stiffness and drape.
There is the  glossy satin and there is low luster, semi matte satin also known as peau de soie.

There are different qualities of satin fabric.
Duchess satin is more stiff irrespective of the composition and is mainly used for bridal or evening gowns.
The crepe satin has a crepe finish on the one side and satin finish on the other.Both sides can be used as the good side, has a heavy fall, drapes well is used for evening or formal dresses.
The thinner, slinky satin us used for under lace and lingerie.

Silk Satin

Dull Satin with Elastine

Pure silk satin fabric.
19.5 momme suitable for almost any kind of garment or high end lingerie.
Our silk satin fabrics are from France and a few of the colors, mainly the bridal colors are from Italy.

Dull Heavy Satin with Elastine

Dull Satin with Elastine

Dull de luster satin otherwise known as peau de soie.
Weight is 225g per square meter.
2 way stretch 97%polyester 3 % Spandex.
This satin is suitable for under lace, foundation of bridal, fish tail skirt.
We carry all the bridal colors and in total 15 colors

Light shiny satin Spandex

Dull Satin with Elastine

Shiny satin fabric.
95 grams per square meter.
94% polyester 6% Spandex.
This satin is suitable for under lace, lining, lingerie, dance wear, full bias skirt or any for any type of gamrent that requires light weight satin.
We carry a vast selection including bridal colors.

Crepe Satin with Elastine

Dull Satin with Elastine

Crepe satin fabric, 2 way stretch.
Medium thickness, heavy, drapes well.
This satin is suitable for any kind of garment.
Both sides of the fabric can be used i.e it is double face.