Red Lycra Spandex by the meter

///Red Lycra Spandex by the meter

Red Lycra Spandex by the meter



Four way stretch 80% nylon 20% Lycra shiny Milliskin fabric
This is a high quality fabric manufactured in Italy.
It is suitable for bathing costume, latin ballroom, gymnastics costume, evening wear jokey shirt cycling shorts.
It is a strong base, and any type decoration can be applied on top, stones, crystals, lace appliqués.
Does not lose elasticity with wear.

WIDTH: 150 cm / 60 inches
LENGTH UNIT : 100 cm / 1 m
i.e quantity 1 will fetch you 1m x 1.5m
Orders of over one meter will be a continuous length of fabric.


4 way stretch Spandex Lycra fabric

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Colour List


Jersey Knit

Fibre Composition

Lycra & Spandex

Purpose Occasion

Sports Wear


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